Switching to a Vegan/Plant Based Diet

Due to some health conditions, I have been mainly plant based for the past few years.  Sometimes it is hard to be completely vegan, especially when you go out to eat.  Here are a few tips if you are thinking about going vegan.

  1. Start gradually.  Eliminate one thing at a time.  I never liked milk, so that is the first thing that was really easy to cut out.  The hardest for me is cheese!!
  2. You can also start with a few meals a week that are plant based.  I began my journey with Meatless Monday and created a Pinterest board with suggestions.
  3. Cut out red meat first.  I never really ate a lot of red meat anyway, so this was easier for me.
  4. Try some plant based proteins but not too much.  I love tofu and seitan but I try to keep those to a minimum.
  5. Check all your other proteins and make sure you are getting enough.  I enjoy beans daily and a protein shake.
  6. Follow recipe websites that cater to plant based vegan options.

My favorite websites for recipes are:

Minimalist Baker

Oh, She Glows