And, Just Like That?

If you watched Sex and The City, you might find this interesting

And, Just Like That?

Back in the day, I religiously watched Sex and the City.  I never thought anything of all the drinking in the show.  As a New Yorker, you should have a cool job and cosmopolitans after, right?  That sounded like the ultimate dream.  Having always wanted to live in New York City, I was completely infatuated with the show.  

The glitz and glamor of having a cocktail at a bar in Soho, dancing around with a glass of wine in your eclectic little apartment, or all dressed up for a girls night out on the town.  These are all images that are ingrained in viewers.  They are FUN images!  Drinking makes you sexy, witty, glamorous and special, so they say.

But, back to those cosmos… I will forever think of Sex and the City if I hear about or see this drink.  I envision Carrie and Samatha looking ever so attractive starting their night out at a hotel bar.  I wanted to be just like them.  Surely, the alcohol industry took great pleasure in watching the show unfold and the audience growing by the minute.

So of course, the release of the new show, “And Just Like That”,  was approaching and I was thrilled.  Again, not even thinking of all the drinking in the show.  They are older so it seems they have all calmed down, except for Miranda.  The nuances start out small, like wanting drinks at lunch, until Charlotte finds little Tito’s vodka bottles empty in Mirana’s bag.

When she is confronted, she is shocked!  She does NOT think she has a problem.  I mean, many of us think we don’t!  Come on, who wants to be told that!?! We are all pretending that we have it going on!  

Later in the episode, Miranda receives an Amazon package in the mail with a book, “Quit Like A Woman!”  I almost jumped for joy off of my couch.  This book is one of my favorites and I love Holly Whitaker.  I’ve listened to all her podcasts, that she hosted and others she’s been interviewed on.  For the past few years, I didn’t really think anyone knew about these ‘quit lit’ books that I am addicted to!  So, this was just incredible to see on tv for me.

Obviously, Miranda is pissed and hurt!  She cannot believe that Charlotte bought this book and mailed it to her!  

At the end of the episode, she receives an email to review the book.  Yep, SHE bought the book… in a blackout!  You could see the wheels turning!  

Fast forward to the next episode.  Carrie has surgery and the girls are taking turns caring for her.  Miranda has her shift and Carrie’s co-worker, Che, comes over while she is asleep.   They start drinking vodka during the day and things get heated.  Miranda is caught having sex with Che in the kitchen while Carrie was somewhat sleeping.  When Che leaves, Carrie confronts Miranda.  This is the moment that she does realize that she has a problem.  So, she quits.  


Wow, that was easy!  Her friends bring apple cider to a park picnic.  Must be nice?!!?  It is definitely rare for someone to have that kind of experience.   I was annoyed that they made it look so easy and just glossed over recovery.  This doesn’t send a good message to someone who is struggling.

Alcohol dependence isn’t just about the drink, because it usually stems from trauma.   Something much bigger was the catalyst.  

My hope is that they add more to the show about recovery but I am grateful this topic was part of the script!  But, whether they do or not, I’ll still be watching and grateful they added this in after years of glorifying alcohol in the show.

And, just like that, recovery was added to my favorite show… we need more of this in our society.