About Me!

About Me!

Hi!  A little about me:

My name is Michele and I am a 43 year old mother and wife who has dreamt about sharing her story, struggles and wins with society in hopes of helping someone else.

My sobriety is the most important thing to me and I believe that sharing my story and the story of others will raise awareness and crush the stigma.  If you are reading, you don't have to hit rock bottom or think you are an alcoholic to stop drinking.  But, if you think you have a problem and are willing to take the steps to better yourself, I hope that I can be of some help.  

I have been a yoga lover for the past 12 years.  Hot yoga and yoga sculpt are my favorite classes and the rush of endorphins I feel after a class is amazing.  The connection to self, the balance and coordination, and the meditation keeps me coming back.

When I am sober, I really get into being vegan for various reasons.  First off, I absolutely love animals and I have watched a lot of documentaries that are disgusting.  Those images will always be with me.  I've also had breast cancer and diagnosed with Colitis and eating plant based makes me feel better and I can avoid the flare ups.  

All three: sobriety, yoga and eating plant based are what make me feel my best. Everyone is different but I encourage you to try one or all of these and experience how you change!

Stay along for the ride and I'll be here to motivate, encourage, listen and share your story, while I share mine.

Lots of <3,


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